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There are typically two angles to consider in a domain name - catchy, creative domains can launch a memorable brand, but including keywords in a domain can make it descriptive at a glance. Ask.com, Booking.com, SalesForce.com, and Weather.com are just a few examples of Alexa Top 1000 keyword-based domains, but creative domains like Google.com and
Tumblr.com are obvious examples of custom domains with incredible brand strength.
If your business already exists then you will want to try to incorporate your current branding into your new domain name. This carries your branding efforts over to your website and is a fantastic way to build your credibility as a brand and expand your sales to the internet marketplace.


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Top 5 Domain Registrars:

1) Hover
2) Namecheap
3) Gandi
4) Dreamhost
5) Name.com

A Few Top Level TLDs:


Domain names that end in .com are the “default” extension, which means that people tend to assume that your domain will end that way. These extensions also tend to be ranked higher by search engines making them easier for customers to find.

A site traffic ranking tool that uses a sampling approach where data is gathered from alexa toolbar users to rank websites by estimated volume of traffic. Caution should be taken when using Alexa data as the basis of decisions as the data is sampling based and Alexa can group sites.

GTLD - Generic Top Level Domain
Domain extensions (tld's) that are not linked to a specific geographic region and were originally intended to represent a specific usage e.g. .com (originally intended for commercial) and .biz (intended for business usage).

URL - Uniform Resource Locator
The address of a resource on the internet - usually used in connection with a full website address like http://www.domain.com/docs/page.html. This includes the protocol (eg http://), the domain name (eg domain.com) and possibly a page name and path to it(eg /docs/page.html).

An advertising program operated by Google whereby the ads displayed on a content site are automatically generated to match the content and revenue is shared with the site owner on a pay per click basis.